Trenz Granny Flats




Dual Occupancy and second dwellings.
There’s never been a time when doing a dual occupancy or even subdividing a large residential or corner block was easier. Legislation to process applications through councils, although still considered costly have become simpler to understand and implement. The general view of law makers is that in any community there needs to be a variety and availability of housing options and not just the standard suburban housing we are used to. The opportunity to build a small home on your land and have the land on a separate title is a boon for families with aged parents, son or daughter to live near their family and own the land. This is often a much more viable way of catering to a family’s housing needs.
Because the rules that governed dual occupancy subdivisions have been relaxed, blocks that previously would not comply under council regulations have become suitable for consideration again opening up possibilities to expand a portfolio and develop extra property. If you think that your land is suitable or could be suitable for a dual occupancy or even a subdivision to build a new granny flat or home on , feel free to contact us for a free appraisal and discussion.

Best regards Terry