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After a torrid two years property buyers around the country are pausing to consider their next move. They may have more to think about shortly as banks consider raising interest rates and exercise more discretion about lending against property that may see a decline in value in the coming months. If it does or doesn’t rise the property market in Newcastle is still offering good opportunity for existing investors. The Newcastle market is never as volatile as those in the capital cities therefore it doesn’t suffer the same sudden rises or steep corrections that are synonymous with the big city markets.

In fact I would say that the Newcastle property market is as good as you will find anywhere in Australia. Newcastle has always had a very tight rental market which is now under even more stress as fewer investors are able to enter the market. Which means one thing for certain, a stylish, comfortable and affordable granny flat built for an existing owner makes more sense than ever. Often earning around 9% or 10% return a granny flat makes perfect investment sense. Banks love the dual income aspect a second dwelling offers and at a faction of the cost of a new or existing property there’s almost no reason not to build and benefit from a granny flat on your existing property. Tax incentives also apply in many cases so why don’t you call us today?

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